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Welcome to PNW Maine Coon, your one-stop shop for all things Maine Coon! We are passionate about these majestic long-haired cats and want to provide everything they need for grooming and care. From a variety of high-quality cat brushes, toys , beds , we have it all. Our mission is to ensure that your Maine Coon is happy, healthy, and well-groomed. Explore our website to find the purrrfect products for your furry friend. Join us in celebrating the beauty and charm of Maine Coons!

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Anti Anxiety Donut Bed

Anti Anxiety Donut Bed

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  • 🐱【Design for Cozy Sleep】: cat beds or dog beds are the circular donut design. The raised edges create a comfortable sense of security, while providing head and neck support to help your kitten or puppy calm down faster , Get a more comfortable and stable sleep.
  • 🐱【Super Soft Feeling】: cat beds for indoor cats are made of soft plush fabrics. Paired with premium pp cotton filling, it increases the overall comfort of the cat bed. Very suitable for cold winter,ensuring your furry pets surrounded by comfort and warmth.
  • 🐱【Easy to Clean】: cat beds for indoor cats, we usually recommend hand washing to easy care for the cat beds. If you choose machine wash, just toss whole bed into the washing machine with gentle cycle. And dry the pet bed in the dryer on low heat after washing.
  • 🐱【Size Choice】: fluffy cat bed are a must have for every pet owner –This lightweight and portable pet bed for indoor pet is 20x20 for kitten or puppy up to 10lbs and 24x24 inch for cats or small dogs up to 20lbs.
  • 🐱【Wide Range of Use】: The round cat beds features an anti slip bottom, which can prevent moving and shifting to ensure the safety of pets.Our pet bed works great not only on your home’s floor, but also on the seat of your car. It can be conveniently placed on the trunk or back seat as a travel bed for pets to rest and relax.


Product Description

Why choose Nisrada pet bed?

Give your fluffy pets a comfortable bed, experience being surrounded by love and warmth, and have an excellent rest and sleep environment!

1. The plush material makes pets feel comfortable and relaxed, and relieves anxiety.

2. Excellent warmth retention, resistant to cold weather. And in the summer is also very suitable for placing in the air-conditioned room.

3. The doughnut-like round design is extremely safe.

4. Non-slip bottom-to ensure safe use.

5. Can be washed by hand or machine--hand washing is more recommended.

Donut-like circular design

This round cat bed is specially designed for your fluffy friends, providing a sense of security for the cute ones.

Comfortable and warm

Made of very soft comfortable and warm soft plush, keeps your pet warm and comfortable on cold days.

Non-slip bottom

The non-slip design allows your cat to play and ensure the safety of your cat.

Easy to clean

It will remain soft after washing. Washing suggestions: gentle washing, low temperature drying. (Recommended to wash by hand)

Size Choice

S : 20'' x 20" for pets up to 10 lbs


Here are some suggestions for consumers that I hope will help you:

1. Occasionally take the kennel out into the sun for a simple disinfection.

2. We usually recommend washing your hands to make the bed easy to care for and make it easier for your pet to maintain a comfortable, clean sleeping space.

3. When you open the package, shake and leave it for 1-2 days as it is made of soft polyester filling with plenty of padding, which will make the cat bed fluffier.



Favorited By Our King 

Favorited By Our King

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