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Welcome to PNW Maine Coon, your one-stop shop for all things Maine Coon! We are passionate about these majestic long-haired cats and want to provide everything they need for grooming and care. From a variety of high-quality cat brushes, toys , beds , we have it all. Our mission is to ensure that your Maine Coon is happy, healthy, and well-groomed. Explore our website to find the purrrfect products for your furry friend. Join us in celebrating the beauty and charm of Maine Coons!

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Lemur and Squirrel

Lemur and Squirrel

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Unleash your cat's inner instinct to hunt with the Vibrant Life Lemur and Squirrel cat toys. These adorable plush furry friends are quiet around the house making them ideal for your cat to play at all hours of the day or night. This 2-pack comes with one squirrel and one lemur for your cat to chase after, pounce on and wrestle with. The crinkle and catnip will keep your cat coming back for more. Best of all, these animals make the best snuggle pals, when your cat is ready for a nap.

  • 2 Pack including one squirrel and one lemur
  • Plush cat toys
  • Quiet play for nocturnal cats that love to play at night
  • Crinkle noise to entice play
  • North American catnip

Favorited By Our King 

Favorited By Our King

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