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Welcome to PNW Maine Coon, your one-stop shop for all things Maine Coon! We are passionate about these majestic long-haired cats and want to provide everything they need for grooming and care. From a variety of high-quality cat brushes, toys , beds , we have it all. Our mission is to ensure that your Maine Coon is happy, healthy, and well-groomed. Explore our website to find the purrrfect products for your furry friend. Join us in celebrating the beauty and charm of Maine Coons!

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Safari Pin and Bristle Combo

Safari Pin and Bristle Combo

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Give your dog the best grooming experience with the dual-purpose Safari Pin and Bristle Combo Dog Brush. This dog grooming brush combines the benefits of a wire pin brush and a dog bristle brush. The wire pin brush lifts out loose hair and debris, while the bristles distribute the dog's natural oils throughout the coat. This dog comb for grooming works for all coat types and dog breeds. This brush is the perfect dog grooming kit tool for a multi-dog household.

Founded in Ohio in 1968, Coastal Pet is committed to producing and delivering quality products that people trust for the pets they love. Coastal Pet is also a huge part of establishing industry standards for product safety, strength and durability throughout the years. We make products for dogs and cats of every size, shape and lifestyle. We've got the collars, leashes, harnesses and toys that keep them smiling. We also offer products for grooming, traveling and feeding your pets through brands like Bergan and Safari by Coastal.

  • Dual-Sided Dog Brush: This dog brush provides two grooming tools in a 2-in-1 design for daily use
  • Wire Dog Brush: Remove mats and tangles through wire pins that lift out loose dog hair and debris
  • Dog Bristle Brush: Brush to evenly distribute natural oils throughout the coat for healthy hair
  • Dog Brush for Grooming: This brush is ideal for a multi-dog household; great for all coat types
  • Coastal Pet Cares: We design and deliver quality products that people trust for the pets they love

Favorited By Our King 

Favorited By Our King

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