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Welcome to PNW Maine Coon

Top Quality Majestic Maine Coons

At PNW Maine Coon, we raise exceptional high end Maine Coons in a loving and caring environment. We are extremely dedicated to following a responsible breeding program, with our focus on keeping our fur-babies healthy and happy for when they find their new fur-ever home.

About PNW Maine Coon

An Honest Pet Breeder

PNW Maine Coon is a small rehoming Maine Coon cattery in the Pacific Northwest. Our journey began in 2020 when my husband and I imported our first Maine Coon. We decided to make the life-changing decision to become breeders. Not only did we become hobby breeders, but we also had the intentions of being the best at it. We strive to have strong and healthy lines that also line up with TICA/CFA standards in our breeding program to ensure our kittens' health and other characteristics that we all love about Maine Coons. 


Here at PNW Maine Coon, it's important for us to build relationships with future families of our kittens. We ensure a lifelong relationship with support for any questions or concerns. A relationship should always go both ways between the breeder and new owners.

The King


Loki is the King of our cattery. He is a Black Silver Classic Tabby purebred Maine Coon. He is an import from Russia and comes from Grand Champion blood lines. Loki loves to cuddle and sleep by your head. His favorite toy is the small colored spring toys.

  Our Queens


Athena is our High Silver Black Torbie with White purebred Maine Coon. Athena is an import from Spain, and she can have almost any color kitten! She has luxury lines in her blood, along with shaded lines. Her favorite toy is any kind of laser toy!


Esmee is our Black Smoke . Ezmee is an import from Poland.  she can have Blue and black smokes and tabbies ! She has Quality lines that have been healt tested for generations. Is a Polydactyl Which may pass down to her babies.  Her favorite toy is string of anykind 


Khaleesi is our Blue Classic Torbie purebred Maine Coon. Khaleesi has green eyes and is also a Polydactyl, which means she has extra toe beans! She is an import from Russia with excellent diversity and strong lines. Her favorite toy is any string toy with bells on it.


Raiya is our Blue High Silver Classic Ticked Torbie . Raiya is an import from Poland, and she can have almost any color kitten! She has Quality lines that have been health tested for generations. Is a Polydactyl Which may pass down to her babies Her favorite toy is any kind of Catnip Mice. 

Contact Us

Please allow up to 48 hours for us to get in touch with you. We are also a hard working family, and promise to get back to you as soon as possible. 

Portland, Oregon

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