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Our Ethics

What Drives Us

Since our cattery first started in 2020,  we have been striving for nothing short of excellence. We currently test all of our King and Queens with a DNA panel, we also get annual blood work and PCR tests, test for FIV/FeLV, as well as Echocardiograms and Hip Scans at age appropriate times.

We believe socialization can be just as important as health in our cats. All of our cats live in home with us where they are free to roam. We also give our cats supervised outdoors time.

How Our Kittens are Raised

Our kittens are raised in a clean and loving environment. We ensure our kittens have the best temperments and can be accustomed to different home lifestyles. We raise our kittens with high quality kitten food, such as Orijen or Farmina. We also include a high quality raw and wet food diet into their daily routine, as this is extremely important to their overall wellbeing and health. 
Our kittens are also fully litter trained by 8 weeks old, and get exposed to different high quality litter. They are also trained with regular litter trays, and a Litter Robot once weight appropriate.

High Quality Diet

It is extremely important to ensure a high quality diet for your Maine Coon. This can drastically reduce health issues in the future, help streghten the immune system, and greatly enhance different aspects of your Maine Coon's life. 

Understanding the History of the Feline

Cats are obligate carnivores, which in short, means they need raw meat in order to thrive. In 1956, kibble was invented, and it is now estimated that 75% of pet owners feed their furry family members kibble today. Before kibble or any manufactured food was ever invented, felines would hunt for their prey, since this is a natural instinct for them. Not only does raw meat provide all the needed nutrients, it also provides most of the moisture they need. 

We require our kitten owners to feed a minimum 50% raw food diet, with a high quality kibble diet at the very least.

For more information regarding a raw diet, please checkout these links below:

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